SINCE 1980

Brawo Company was established in the 1980’s and it started to grow rapidly during that era. Brawo became the number one diary product manufacturer in the country. Brawo Yogurt became one of the famous Yogurt’s among the young and old. This company is a dream come true of the founder Mr. H.M Anura. He initiated this company with only using man power to manufacture the products. With time the founder decided to create machines to fulfill the task’s more efficiently, then he started to manufacture machines to cater the diary products within the market.

The Yogurt drink was introduced to sri lankan market by Brawo company and the first product was “Tikiri Yogurt drink” at first this drink was manufactured using human labor but with the increased demand in the market founder decided to create an efficient machine to cater the high demand and stay as the market leader.

As a result of his efforts the Yogurt drink filling and bottling machine was introduced in 1999. This is the first Yogurt drink filling and bottling machine in sri lanka. Before designing this machine brawo company imported a machine from overseas but when comparing that product with the sri lankan product our machine was one step further in terms of the mechanism and efficiency.
The founder never stopped his forward thinking in this aspect, in 2005 he designed a Yogurt manufacturing machine and this machine was the number one machine with in the sri lankan market in diary manufacturing products. With all these experience Brawo company is now the number one manufacturer for all machines in Yogurt making.

Brawogroup is a major machine manufacturer for

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  • Dairy product filling and sealing machines
  • Jam filling and sealing machines
  • Water bottling machines
  • Ice packet machines



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